Spartan WOD for Wednesday, 9.19.12

I’m a big believer in starting with high standards and raising them. We make progress only when we push ourselves to the highest level. If we don’t progress, we backslide into bad habits, laziness and poor attitude.
-Dan Gable

Define for yourself your highest standard. Make it an ambition to workout each day. Also, make it an ambition to work better each workout.

You are accountable to yourself when you train. You set your standards to excellence. Take Spartan WODs like this one as an opportunity to continually test yourself.

Dynamic Warm-up

Main Set:

Perform 10 Burpees
Rest 2-10 seconds
Perform 9 Burpees
Rest 2-10 seconds
Perform 8 Burpees…

…Perform 1 Burpee

Cool Down: Stretch

Perform this workout for time. You need quantifiable objects in order to elevate your abilities. Try and eliminate rest time as opposed to speeding up the execution of your burpees. This is because you want to be sure you are completing each burpee with proper form. Each movement should be articulate and precise. Your core should be getting a huge workout if you are doing it right. By cheating on form you are only cheating yourself.

You will perform a total of 55 burpees.

Continue performing this routine until you can start the pyramid at 20 burpees and work your way down to one.

CLICK HERE to read about the elite men’s field in the upcoming Spartan Beast in Vermont. These guys do their burpees.



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