Spartan WOD for Friday, 9.28.12

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.
—Henry Ford


The mind needs to be flexed like a muscle.  It responds to being exercised.

And how often is this going on at the gym?

Here is a WOD to help train you to keep your mind sharp while in the midst of physical stress.  An alert and active mind in a race is crucial.  Running with you head in the game, instead of zoning out, will only make you a stronger runner, as well as one less likely to miss a course marking.
Grab your favorite top three favorite quotes in written form and bring them to your workout.  You want them memorized by the end.  If they motivate you into training, imagine how powerful they will be when you recall them during a session.

Warm up:

1-3 mile run

Main set: 

10 burpees

1 minute of memorization

25 squat press with sandbag

1 minute of memorization

5-10 pull-ups

1 minute of memorization

25 jumping lunges

1 minute of memorization

Reapeat 3-5 times

Then, speak your quotes out loud.  Verification is important – use your phone as recorder or have a friend hold you accountable.

Cool Down:

Stretch, yoga
Question: Can Spartans do math beyond the 30 burpees and 50lb sandbags?

Answer: YES!


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