Spartan WOD for Friday, 9.7.12

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
- Henry David Thoreau


Start with a 2-4 mile run. Let the first mile be your warm up, then gradually ramp up your intensity till you are finishing at race pace.

Recover for 3-5 minutes before breaking into the following strength routine:

50-200 body weight squats
20-100 push-ups
4 minute plank
50-200 lunges
10-50 burpees
50-100 crunches

You can break each strength exercise into three sets, or do the series of strength exercises three times. Try to limit recovery time between sets and exercises.

Cool down with stretching or yoga.

Then, eat well to recover well: Spartan Recipes

Fit Tip from Dr. Jeff Godin of Spartan Coaching:

Free radicals are reactive molecules that can damage DNA, lipids, proteins and other molecules. Free radical production increases during exercise. Eating a variety of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables can help strengthen our natural defenses and prevent cellular damage.


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