Spartan WOD for Sunday, 9.9.12

by Jason Jaksetic

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.
-  Abraham Lincoln

Long Run.

The benefits of aerobic conditioning are many.  You accumulate them from spending more and more time training in your aerobic zone.  From augmenting endorphins to decreasing blood pressure, there are plenty of reasons to have a long run in your week.  Not to mention, if you are doing a Beast, odds are you are going to be out there for awhile.  Even a Super!  So be ready!

Tomorrow go out for 1-3 hours.  Road is fine, but we find trails ideal for Spartan Race preparation – the more gnarly the better.

Tri-State NJ Super Spartan presented by Dial FOR MEN & Gaspari Nutrition was intense today.  Be sure to go to our Facebook page to see photos and results.

See you in 2013?

Tri State Sprint – June 1st & 2nd

Tri State Super – September 7th & 8th



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