WOD for Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

~By James Villepigue CSCS & Hobie Call

Hobie Call

How are you, Spartans? If you’ve been following the weekly WOD, you will surely be seeing the fruits of your labor by now.

We have another mighty WOD for you today and it’s brought to you by Gaspari Nutrition…sports nutrition for the best of us!

Today’s WOD is a full body barrage and can be done with minimal equipment. All you’ll really need is a sturdy ledge, branch or Pull-Up bar and you’re off to the obstacle races!

Today we’ll be focusing on a strength exercise followed by a run.

You’ll be executing a total of 8 exercises, which makes up one full cycle. You may repeat cycles based on your level of conditioning.

Here’s how each superset sequence will look and work:

1.  1 set of 20 Pull-Ups – Here’s the deal. If you can do full fledge Pull-Ups, do them – if you need to take a quick rest before you’ve hit the 20 rep mark, use your muscle math and jump back in from where ever you left off and add two reps for each rest you take. For those of you who cannot YET do a full Pull-Up, get yourself some sort of a platform so that you can easily hold on to the bar with arms fully extended (I don’t want you having to jump up to grab the bar) and for each Pull-Up, jump into the rep to give yourself bit of a boost. Make sure that your upper body is responsible for the bulk of the work and not simply the force generated from your legs and inertia.

2.  Run for 3 minutes at a moderate speed

3.  1 set of 14 Pushups into arm opposing leg lifts – Perform a full Push-Up and at the top, immediately raise your right arm and lift your left leg high. Perform another full Push-Up and now switch the arm/leg. Make sure that your arm and leg lifts happen right as you push up to the top position…it should be a seamless transition.

4.  Run for 5 minutes – First 2.5 mins at faster pace and last 2.5 mins at moderate pace

5.  Jump Squats & Speed Squats – Perform 15 Jump Squats and finish with 25 speed Squats – Proper form is a must here-Head up, chest out, shoulders pulled back and kept down, abs tight, arch the lower back and stick the butt out. Bend at the hips first, not the knees. I want you to lower your body slowly and from the bottom position, explosively jump as high as you can!

Once you’ve completed 15 consecutive Jump Squats, without rest, perform 25 bodyweight speed Squats. Your legs will be fired up!

6.  Run for 5 minutes at a moderate speed – Your legs may be exhausted, so be conscious of them and stay strong during your run.

7.  1 minute Plank into 30 Bicycle Maneuver into 1 minute Plank into 30 Bicycle Maneuver

8.  Run for 3 minutes at a fast pace – rest if you need to, but when you can, get right back into it!

Repeat 2-3 Times!

As always, please have a timer with a beep indicator to ensure that you keep tabs on your work time. At the end of each cycle (the 8th exercise), you’ll have a 1 minute break.

If you need to take more rest, do so, but no cheating yourself!

As always, please have some cool water, a towel and a timer with you.

Please remember to let Hobie and I know how you did!

Keep Going!

James Villepigue & Hobie Call

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