Spartan WOD for Wednesday, 10-3-12

by Jason Jaksetic

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
- C.S. Lewis

Dare to continually improve. This is why we race — we can always set new personal records (PRs).

The track is a great arena for testing yourself. For serious improvement one must utilize quantitative measures to record workouts so comparisons can be made from one to the next.

This workout is ideal to put into your training routine to check out your fitness level over the racing season.

Dynamic Warm-up
Run 800 meters (2 laps)

Main Set:

Run 1600 meters (4 laps)
Recover 2 minutes
30 Burpees
Recover 2 minutes

Repeat 2-5 times. Strive to perform each mile repeat and each interval of burpees faster that your previous one. This means you will have to pace yourself properly, or you’ll risk blowing up before you complete a full workout. Start slow so you can finish at full throttle.

Cool Down:
Stretch, yoga

A workout like this is intense and will take a great deal out of you, but the benefits are many for your fitness and racing.

Here is a blog by Dr. Jeff Godin of Spartan Coaching that explains BMI versus body fat percentages. In Spartan is the New Skinny, Dr. Jeff discusses the differences in how we measure our bodies and what methodology and measurements are ideal for athletes.


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