by Carrie Adams

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”  – Marilyn Monroe

Cassandra Randolph, Arizona

We’re pretty sure Marilyn was talking about muddy running shoes.  Our Spartan female champions and participants are showing up, taking on the Spartan Races, and showing the men how to make dirt look good.  Recently, we discussed the topic of getting chicked, a term that refers to a man getting passed on the course by a woman.  The post had our men shaking in their Reeboks and our women standing up and cheering.

Our Competitive Wave One Women winners each brought a physical and mental toughness to the race.  Their victories have been great achievements and highlight what’s possible for women in the Spartan racing circuit.  Undoubtedly there was epic “chicking” involved.

Maria Morales, Miami

Here’s a breakdown:

SoCal Super Spartan: Christine Read 1:23:48, age 42

Arizona Super Spartan: Cassandra Randolph 1:19:08, age 41

Texas Spartan Sprint: Athena Martinez 43:40, age 35

Miami Super Spartan: Maria Morales 1:01:09 age 33

Georgia Spartan Sprint: Lindsey Scherf 44:17:00, age 24

Lindsey Scherf, our Georgia first female, is a record holder and Olympic hopeful with Houston 2012 on her mind.  But we wouldn’t be surprised if she showed up to a few more of our Spartan Races.  She encouraged female runners to get out and race in  a recent video.

Another recent Spartan Race TV video highlights just a few of the strong Spartan Women from our racing series who are inspiring other women to come out and find out what they can accomplish at one of our events.

Their reasons to run are various and their goals are different, but each woman who comes to a Spartan event gets the opportunity to run her race and find her place among Spartan finishers.

Sally Spooner, Miami

Other female competitors who have shown up and rocked the course in subsequent waves, are women like Sally Spooner, age 32, from Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL, whose Miami experience is leading her all the way to the Death Race in June.   Then there’s Vanessa Chicharello, 28, from Flagstaff, AZ, who timed an impressive 1:25:52 on the challenging Arizona eight-mile course.  And Kendra Bolan, 39 from Malibu, CA,  rocked the Super Spartan SoCal with a 1:25:14.  Even our Spartan employees are getting in on the action.  At the recent Jailbreak event, all four female Spartan women at the Spartan Race tent ran the event.  That’s just how we roll…


Rebecca Hansen, 49

When it comes to Death Racers, women have always been in the mix.  Michelle Roy took home second place in this year’s Winter Death Race and Stefanie Bishop finished sixth in last year’s grueling June event with an impressive time of 33 hours and 35 minutes.  Kat Dunnigan, a 40 year-old Ironman finisher six years in a row, is taking on the race for the first time, alongside last year’s finisher, Lisa Madden, an architect from the Bronx who regularly runs and races.  Another newcomer, Rebecca Hansen, an ultra runner and adventure racer who’s signed up for a DOUBLE Ironman this year, has set her sights on the Death Race.  The women of Spartan are proving that women can represent, women can compete, and that getting chicked by a Spartan actually means you got chicked by a badass.

Battle on, Spartan women…

If you have an inspiring Spartan Woman story or an epic tale of Spartans getting “chicked” email and we may share your story on our blog!

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