Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.
-John Muir


Running hills is a staple of Spartan fitness. Our courses exploit the vertical element of the land – better be prepared.

You can pack a lot of training into a little time by doing a few short, hard intervals on a hillside once a week. This is a great way to inject some anaerobic training within what might be, otherwise, an entirely aerobic run.

Warm Up:

Dynamic warm-up

Easy jog to nearest big climb in elevation

Main set:

1-6 15-second uphill intervals on 15 seconds of recovery.

Recover 60 seconds.

1-6 30-second uphill intervals on 30 seconds of recovery.

Recover 60 seconds.

1-6 45-seconds uphill intervals on 45 seconds of recovery.



Efforts are all-out, full intensity – as high as you can maintain.

If your geography is absent of mountains, or even hills, as an alternative, consider dragging a tire behind you across a field, or on a trail, for the prescribed interval of time.

Beginner: 3-6 total intervals

Intermediate: 9-12 total intervals

Advanced: 15-18 total intervals

If any of this is overwhelming, just start running, and when forced with a choice that relates to going up or down, choose up. Experience is the best teacher.

Strength – 4 of 5
Endurance – 4 of 5
Speed – 4 of 5


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