Spartan Fartlek


Happiness is the interval between periods of unhappiness.

–Don Marquis


Earn your recovery interval!

On a 2-5 mile easy run, perform 1-3 of the following 10-minute strength intervals written out for time and a 2:1 work-to-recovery ratio.

Strength Training Interval:

1 minute of burpees

.5 minutes of easy jog

2 minutes of burpees

1 minute of easy jog

3 minutes of burpees

1.5 minutes of burpees

x1 = Sprint Distance Training

x2 = Super Distance Training

x3 = Beast mode

Beginners keep it simple. Just do a total of 6 minutes of burpees, as fast as is comfortable for you, during a run.

Intermediate athletes try and put two burpee sets into your run. Try and run at race pace in between.

Advanced athletes should be trying to do this workout for both time, and cumulative burpee counts, doing all three sets.

Fartlek – (“speed play” in Swedish) a training method that combines aerobic training (continuous efforts) with anaerobic training (interval efforts). Traditionally it is associated with running, but it can be integrated into any style of training and geared toward strength, endurance, or speed conditioning. The reference to ‘play’ indicates that these types of workouts can be tailored uniquely to the athlete in a way much less structure that traditional interval training. Read more here.

Strength – 4 of 5
Endurance – 4 of 5
Speed – 4 of 5



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