by Carrie Adams

At Spartan Race, we are often overwhelmed by the generosity and spirit of our racers.  At a recent UK race, we met Lee Busby who was running not just for himself, but for a little boy named William, who helped Lee find his Spartan Finish line and raise some precious funds for William and his family. 

Lee recounts his Spartan day and his cause below in his own words… 

lee and willamI joined DERBY CITY BOXING ACADEMY in January 2011 in order to get fit, and was asked to take part in the Spartan Race with other members of the club. I knew this would be a massive personal challenge, and I would need to seriously increase my fitness levels and stamina to be able to participate in and enjoy such an extreme experience! The boxing club were a fantastic support to me. Without the help and training of the club, and specifically coach Alex Neave, it would have been difficult to achieve my goal of completing the Spartan Race.

I was also motivated by the wish to help a little boy called William. William is 16 months old and has a rare brain condition called Lissencephaly, which means his brain is completely smooth, as it did not develop properly. Nothing could have been done to prevent or detect his condition and he was diagnosed when he was a few months old. Developmentally, William is likely to be like a newborn for the duration of his life. He is severely visually impaired, suffers from daily seizures, is fed through a tube and has limited life expectancy. Most children with William’s condition do to live much beyond two years of age.finnish line

I completed the Spartan race on October 2nd at Nuneaton Gamecock barracks, and raised a whopping £1,200 for William. This money will be spent on equipment and therapy to enhance the quality of his life.

The Spartan Race itself was an amazing experience. Many of my friends and family came along to support me (including little William). The race was challenging, and I enjoyed every moment! I am planning to take part again next year, and have recruited a few other people to take part next year as well!

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