by Carrie Adams and Maurya Scanlon

Once upon a time, princesses waited in towers for their Prince Charmings to charge in swords flashing to rescue them.  They slaved away hoping (and often singing) about when their princes would arrive.  Those princesses obviously weren’t Spartans.  Our races offer a unique opportunity for active couples to come have fun, push themselves together, and ultimately share a unique experience that will be unforgettable at any stage of a relationship…

Three couples this season have caught our attention. John and Lane, Tom and Mickey, and Luc and Michèle have made us (or maybe just Carrie and Maurya) place our hands over our hearts, inhale dramatically and sigh, “Awwww.” These truly amazing couples are people who not only love our races but are also passionate about each other. They remind us that under, over, or through any obstacle, passion, strength, determination and love for each other will bring us to the finish line.

The Proposal

viewerWhen John Streppa dropped to one knee at the finish line of the Virginia Spartan Race proposing to his girlfriend, it melted our icy Spartan hearts.  The iconic photo redefined a modern day fairy tale wherein active couples push themselves together and celebrate their love with the backdrop of mud, fire, ice, barbed wire and burpees.

The Elopers

A week later SONY DSC                     Tom and Mickey Pike eloped and chose the Super Spartan as their honeymoon destination.  An email to Spartan Headquarters June 21st stated, “Sorry we’re getting back to you so late, but we had to trail run today, get married, go out to eat, you know, normal stuff … LOL!  We are very excited about having our Super Spartan Honeymoon!!” These two newlyweds headed to South Carolina for a passionate day of traditional Spartan entertainment.  This amazing couple ELOPED Tuesday, June 21st, and celebrated their honeymoon with the Super Spartan in South Carolina!

Tom said, “ We’re hoping we can jump over a sword or something before the race to make it a true Spartan Wedding with the race as our Honeymoon…. Let’s face it, anyone can go to a resort for their honeymoon, but a Spartan Honeymoon will prove to you that you can depend on each other to survive the challenges of a marriage… “  Their story was featured in our Spartan TV episode of the Carolinas.

The Anniversary

IMG_1230At our Ottawa event, a Luc and Mimi Allaire celebrated their 21 years of marriage (I think 21 years is the year of mud) by running a Spartan Sprint saying, “This was our very first experience doing the Spartan Race and we are HOOKED!  We decided it would be a great way to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary.  Thank you so much for this amazing fun we had getting all muddy.”

They are proving that fairy tales can last a lifetime.  Mimi tells us that her now husband fell in love with her 23 years ago without ever seeing what she looked like.  Mimi, a 911 dispatcher and Luc had a police scanner and would listen in and heard Mimi’s voice.  Luc told some cops he knew that he would marry Mimi, and they would have two children.  Everyone laughed and Mimi had no interest in meeting him.

Curiosity ultimately got the better of her, and she agreed to meet him.  She said, “I met him, and my heart stopped right then. It’s like we already, both of us, knew we would be ONE!”   After having children (2 of course) Mimi gained a great deal of weight but Luc stood by her and got her working out and believing in herself.  She’s lost 106 pounds to date.

Mimi said, “We live life like it’s the best thing ever! We thought that celebrating this great thing we have by doing this crazy awesome race would well define who we are: Spartans survivors.  And that is my fairytale…”


Do you have a Spartan love story you want to share?  Email carrie@spartanrace.comand we may feature your story on our blog and get signed up for an upcoming event!

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