Spoils of Victory

by Museum Replicas

Editors Note:  As we get ready for Conyers, GA tomorrow we’d like to give you this message from  Museum Replicas, who produces finisher awards for us!  Because of them our awards are the most incredible out of any race.  See you at the finish line!


Congratulations champion! You’re about to embark on the March 10th Georgia Spartan Sprint! And once you’ve finished the race and earned your victory medal, make the most of it with Museum Replicas.

For a limited time, any Spartan race participant who brings in their victory medal will get a special 10% discount on their choice of purchases. From helmets, to swords, knives, tomahawks and anything in between, the choice is yours! You just finished the incredibly challenging Spartan Sprint, treat yourself like a true warrior and save money doing it! Medal discount is valid until March 31st.

To victory!

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    I had the time of my life yesterday! What a challenge! Learned a lot about my team and myself! I’d definately do it again. There were certainly times when I forgot I was running from a mixture of delerium and adrenaline. :) The sand bags we’re the most challenging and the rope climb w/ the bell was just impossible for me despite my attempts. LOL! I had a blast and am now pondering ways to use some of these obstacles in my weekly workouts.

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