by Breanna Wilcox, High School Senior

I’ve always wanted to do a Spartan Race. When I heard that my teacher participated in them, I asked her to keep me up to date on the next one. She always kept me informed on all races, Spartan or not. Unfortunately, I could never afford them. She emailed me information about the High school Spartan Race, and I was so excited when I found out about it! I Posted the link on my Facebook and instagram and that’s where my team was made. My friends Fabricio and Kat commented on them and decided to make a team with me. Kat asked Gloria and she later joined the team. We all decided to run because we are all athletes and it would be a great challenge for most of us.

We all felt like nervous wrecks when we were getting ready to race. When we got off the bus, we were intimidated by all the adults that were there and by some of their injuries. When the volunteers, workers and participants helped us with registration and where we needed to be, we became less intimidated. As we waited for the signal for the start of our high school heat, we were all shaking, unaware of what was to come. The race began and we were all doing great, nice pace and we were all together. After awhile, one of the Spartan Races elite athletes showed up and followed us the entire time, filming us throughout the whole race. It was really cool when he picked us as a group for his video. Shortly after he joined our group, Kat, me and Gloria had to use the bathroom, so we went off course and went. We all became really, really close after the bathroom incident. The race went on and some of our group members got sick on the way, but they still pushed through it. When we finally got to the finish line, we all held hands and jumped over the fire together. A rush of accomplishment fell over all of us, as we collected our medal, tee-shirt, water and banana.

Although, it was freezing when we finished and we were all trying to change into dry, clean clothes as fast as we could. While we were changing, I began to think of my future and what awaited me, knowing what a group of high school kids just accomplished.  I’m not absolutely sure what my friends plans are for their future, but mine is to continue Spartan Racing! I loved the competition and friendship that participants make with complete strangers over the race. My friends and I went through many different emotions through out the race but were comforted by each other, Alex, and friends we met on the way. I completely support the idea of Spartan Racing as a school sport. This would be an amazing opportunity for high school students across America to improve their health, fitness, and learning something incredible about themselves in the process. It teaches them the spirit of competition and also gives them an amazing sense of accomplishment. It builds confidence that the world seems to be missing and teaches people of all ages to have fun while working out instead of exercise being a chore.

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    Our great Granddaughter Breanna Wilcox congratulations on your Spartan Race and Happy 18th Birthday.
    Love, GG and Greatgrandpa

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