Editor’s Note:  When writing many of the WODs for the week I like to pick the brain of our Founder/CEO Joe Desena on the subject of training.  I am happy to introduce you to a weekly feature on our blog where then man behind Spartan Race gives it to you straight.  I hope you enjoy his insights as much as I do.  I began by asking Joe to write for me a WOD for a recovery day.  If, my Spartan friends, I could only convey to you the look I got at mere the suggestion of a day off… – Jason J 

People always say ‘stop and smell the roses’?  But smell the roses when you are planting, watering, or trimming them.

A Recovery WOD by Joe D

Rest is for when you’re dead.

Active recovery is the only recovery.  This means walk, get in a pool, do crunches in front of the TV…do something.

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