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Spartan Radio at was LIVE again Tuesday, October 18th at 10/9 PM CST.  The Radio show is taking on new dimensions of badassness.  Returning guest Todd Sedlak was LIVE from a training exercise on Fort Benning that consisted of two large forces using traditional and new technology to determine effectiveness in battle.  Very cool!  So part of his interview was in a Humvee and we did hear some live fire at one point.  LOUD was the order of the day.  (Everyone else was in their kitchens or basements, not nearly as badass, but we can’t all be Todd Sedlak.) 

Click on the button above to hear the mayhem! 

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After some off time, the ladies (and Jim) were back in action on Spartan Radio.  The lovely and talented (and wicked fast) Margo the Great joined us for the show.  We talked about the disaster in Vermont and the recovery efforts – including lots of ways you can help!  We talked about PA, the fact that Spartan has rad gear, rad chicks, and 2012 season of bad assness!  Maurya talked about her wimp to Spartan campaign courtesy of CrossFit South Brooklyn (Shane Williams is one cool dude) and we talked a lot about race day gear (NO COTTON).  Carrie told bad jokes, Maurya played with her hair, Margaret gave good information and Jim just tried to stay sane.

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