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In Killington, Vermont August 6, 2011, Marc-André Bédard, from the Canadian National Biathlon Team took the top spot at the Spartan Beast, ousting Hobie Call from supremecy on the Spartan Obstacle Courses.  Bédard’s athletic career and dedication to athletics is awe-inspiring.  A member of the Canadian National Team since 2000, Biathlon Canada’s 2008 Athlete of the Year and ACBQ and Biathlon Courcelette in the same year, he is an established force in his primary sport.  In addition to Biathlon, Bédard cross-trains with mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and soccer.

When Bédard arrived in Killington, he admittedly expected some basic running, a few mud puddles, and Spartan Gladiators, but he left the Vermont mountains not only a Spartan Champion, but also a believer in the emerging sport of Obstacle Racing.  Here is his Beast experience, as a part of a series Spartan Blog is beginning entitled “Ode to Sparta.”  This series will feature stories of Spartan Race experiences from our own Spartan athletes told in their own words.  We thought it fitting to kick off the series with the words of our newest champion, Marc-André Bédard.

Marc-Andre Bedard

After taking on the Beast headstrong, a lot of people have asked me how I trained to beat the “Beast” like that!  The easy answer is that I’ve been training all my life.  I made it my job.  The one they want to hear is that I trained 300 days, 600 to 1000 hours a year, one to six hours a day, 20 to 40 races a year for the last decade and more!

My July consisted of hours of roller skiing, trail running, kayaking, biking (road and mountain) and strength training!  And my week before the Beast found me doing 13 hours of cardio and 2 hours and 15 minutes of strength training hours.

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