SNAP Infusion, one of Spartan Race’s newest partners, are the creators of SUPERCANDY and the official SUPERCANDY of Spartan Race for the 2013 season. They made their debut at the Spartan Race at Citi Field. At 2013 U.S. events, SNAP Infusion will set up aid stations on the course providing SUPERCANDY to athletes to help get them through the race, and compete at their very best.

SNAP Infusion is a proud supporter of Vitamin Angels, a charity that brings health to millions of children throughout the world. They recently launched a program, SUPER MOMS, that will be running through Mother’s Day and will feature special Spartan Race SUPER MOMS! We will be highlighting the SUPERMOMS of the Spartan Race Series, because we believe that every mom is super, and we are searching for the perfect pairing of the Super Spartan Moms whether it be for personal accomplishment, family or a cause.

Our first SUPERMOM is Katie Vescelus, who shaved her head bald and participated in the Spartan Race as a fundraiser for St. Baldricks. Katie is mother of two very special boys, Magnus and Matthias. At three months old, Matthias was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma, a rare cancerous tumor in his eyes. He spent the majority of his first year fighting for his life and endured six months of chemotherapy. Near the end of treatment, his main tumors started growing again and despite his doctor’s best efforts, Matthias’ eyes were both removed before his first birthday.

Matthias is now cancer free and hasn’t let blindness hold him back. He attends preschool with sighted peers and enjoys playing with his older brother and neighborhood friends, swimming, climbing, riding his tricycle and learning to play the piano. He will be under the care of an oncologist for the rest of his life due to a genetic mutation that makes him predisposed to developing other cancers.

This was Katie’s first Spartan Race. She was inspired last year as a spectator cheering on her husband, Craig, and older son

, Magnus. It looked like fun, and a great challenge. Katie admits that she was not at all in shape at the time, so it gave her something to work toward. She is now focused on training for the Midwest Spartan Super in July. Her training includes a lot of running and a big focus on upper body strength..oh and a lot of burpees

So, how does she find time to train and juggle being a full-time mom? Katie shares her secret “It can be difficult to find the time/energy to train, but I really wanted to finish this race. That kept me going. My family is a great motivator as well. Craig and I work as a team, both as parents and training partners. We push each other and help each other, often taking turns watching the kids while the other goes out for a run or other training session. Magnus (our 6 year old son) is a huge ball of intense sunshine who cheers me on and keeps me going. His energy is contagious. And Matthias inspires me as much as he inspires others. He is this little juggernaut wrapped in a cute little huggable package. Nothing stops him. Long ago we decided that if we were going to help him push his limits, we were going to need to be willing to do the same.”

Now that is a SUPER MOM!

Mother’s day is around the corner, is your mom your super? Share the story of your SUPERMOM with SNAP Infusion and Vitamin Angels #mysupermom

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