by Ella Kociuba, Spartan Pro Team

It is easily one of the hardest Reebok Spartan Sprints you will face both mentally and physically this season. The mountain will beam down at you with no mercy while you stand impatiently at the starting line. It will demand you to dig deep and charge forward. The race is rumored to be anywhere from four to six miles and no one will know until it’s all over.

The race is a brutal climb, the slopes at Blue Mountain Ski resort in Palmerton, Pennsylvania are intense. Oh, and if you didn’t know already, you’re running straight up a ski resort and bush whacking through the mountain’s steep forests. Also, to add to the intensity of this weekend’s Spartan Sprint is the thick heat of Pennsylvania expected on race day.

On the men’s elite side, we have a solid showing of men including: Kevin Donoghue who is coming off of a podium finish in the Tri-State sprint, Kevin Brodsky making his first race of the year, Spartan Pro team member Elliott Megquier who has been strong all year long, and his Spartan Pro teammate David Magida who is conquering courses left and right, and others like, Chris Obertilk and David Chandler who always do an outstanding performance.

That leads me to the woman’s elite side, where the fierce Janice Marie Ferguson is taking another shot at podium but not without the battle of other fast women like Melinda Branch, Gretchen Krueger, Canadian Leyla Ester Di Cori.

Whether you are veteran or a newbie to Spartan Races, this weekend will without a doubt help define your limits and challenge you to be your best.

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