By Carrie Adams

Spartan Race prides itself on being a unique event on this planet. We don’t just say it, either. Our pictures capture the spirit of the race, the struggles and triumphs of our athletes, and the glory of race days. When it came to choosing a photographer for Spartan Races, we wanted something that was candid, dynamic, and representative of a race designed to make you suffer yet inspire you to overcome. Enter Brent Doscher from Nuvision Action Image.

Photo Courtesy of Nuvision Action ImageDoscher shot our Vermont Race in 2010 and when it came time to interview people for a full-time photographer, it was an easy decision. Jason Jaksetic, Spartan’s Digital Marketing Director, said, “It was a matter of go big corporate or go for quality, unique, and enthusiastic…Brent made that easy for us to decide.” Brent’s work is visually stunning, and as an athlete himself, he understands the toil and he captures it brilliantly. “He kicks ass and we wouldn’t change him for the world. His artistic vision is more than we could hope for and he’s an integral part of the team. We consider him a Spartan,” says Jaksetic.

Talking with Brent, you realize immediately that he loves his job and that he loves taking pictures for Spartan. “I am a triathlete and a cyclist and a runner myself. I worked for all the big companies and thought we could capture something cooler. So, I though, why don’t I start a company and do all those better.”

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by Carrie Adams

On May 7th I headed down south to meet up with Texas Spartan women Anja, Sierra, and Lauren and to compete in the Run the Jailbreak event in Austin, Texas. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and as we learned last weekend, that applies to mud as well. Race Director Tim Scriver knows how to throw a muddy party and we have the shoes to prove it.

We met a lot of Spartans who ran our Austin Spartan Sprint on March 26th, met several already signed up for our December Super Spartan in Glen Rose and the Jailbreak in Dallas on September 17th and introduced ourselves to the neighborhood. Of course we ran the race too. We don’t show up and not throw down. The Jailbreak had us hopping cop cars, diving through mud puddle after mud puddle, and our personal favorite, the slip ‘n’ slide near the end of the course. Overall, it was 3.1 trail miles of pure fun!

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by Carrie Adams

Photo courtesy Nuvision Action Images, Brent Doscher

Spartan Races are grueling endurance events designed to push you physically and mentally through obstacles and trail running.  Fueling your body for a long distance run on Spartan Race day is a critical part of being successful and kicking ass without cramping, fainting, and letting the Spartans with pugil sticks take you out before you cross the finish line.

For Spartan events, I recommend the same kind of preparation I use for full and half marathons.  A few weeks before your event, work as many raw veggies into your diet as you can.  This helps clear out your intestinal walls of build up so you can effectively absorb the good stuff when you really need it.  Additionally, eliminating dairy from your diet helps avoid excess mucous build-up, which can interfere with effective respiration while you run.

On race day, you can get off to the right start by consuming the proper amount of fluid and glycogen (sugar) stores that you will just maintain as you race.   I always tell people that you want to be done eating two hours before your event.  Just be mindful of when your wave starts and plan accordingly.  Eating too close to an event can lead to an upset stomach or can negatively interact with your body’s natural insulin response.  Get to bed early so you can get up and get prepared–there’s plenty of time to party AFTER you run.  For each city that hosts a Spartan Race I have created smoothie recipes that are the perfect pre-race fuel.   Look for those a day or two before the event.

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