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by Harmony Heffron

“You are who you choose to be.”

I think wiser words have never been spoken. Every choice you make today determines the future course of your life.  If you make the choice to exercise today, you will be stronger for it tomorrow.  If you choose to compete in a race, you will run it.

If you choose to be a Spartan, by making that your decision, you’ve already fought half the battle to get there.

The hardest step is always the first one: getting started. Who do you want to be? Very few people would consciously choose a life of sitting on the coach and never accomplishing anything, but millions of people spend their lives doing just that. Why? Do they lack motivation? Are they chained there through some magic spell? Or, did they just never relies that they had the choice to live a life that was different?

After you’ve decided what you want to be it’s time to act like it. A new study by researcher Amy C.J. Cuddy  has found that by acting more powerful you become so. By posing in a more “powerful,” open way, your body releases different levels of hormones. This makes you feel more powerful, thus you end up acting more powerful. Simply by imitating the behaviors found in the type of person you would like to be, you become that much closer to actually being one of them. Try to act like you mean it and people will believe that you do. Once they start believing in you, you’ll start believing in yourself. Beautiful, huh?

Once you’ve started acting like the person you want to be, a little follow-through is in order.  What steps can you take to actually become the Spartan you aspire to be? Write them down! Put your list somewhere you will see it EVERYDAY. This way you will be reminded of your goals. Having them down on paper will also help make your task clearer.

Think about what thing on your list would be the best first step. GO AND DO IT! Don’t sit at home and think about doing it. Don’t call your mom and complain about how you can’t get anything done. Don’t make excuses, it doesn’t matter if your cat is sick or your back itches. Follow the wisest corporate slogan of all time (thanks Nike!) and JUST DO IT!

That’s it. Simple as pie. Choose who you want to be, start acting like it, make a list of steps towards your goal and follow them. You can choose who you want to be.

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By acting like a Spartan you’ll become one.

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