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How To Perform Push-ups Presented By:

In an effort to become a Spartan, it is imperative to develop the strength and coordination required to conquer every obstacle a Spartan Race may erect to stop you in your tracks. This week we continue to develop our exercise repertoire with the chin-up exercise. Much like the pull-up, chin-ups will help you to develop upper body strength, primarily your back and bicep muscles. The difference between the pull-up and the chin-up is all in your grip. With the chin-up your palms will be facing you when you grab onto the bar.

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Working on developing your back muscles can help you to overcome many obstacles ranging from the wall climbs, the traverse wall, the bucket brigade, and even the tire drag. As you continue to expand your range of exercises you will become a stronger obstacle racer. Take what you learn each week and incorporate these exercises into your routine. Focus on properly executing the exercise, technique is far more important than how many reps you can crank out. Try to build your strength up and work to increase the amount of chin-ups you can execute with each set you perform. Remember the more you train the closer you will be to developing obstacle immunity. Keep adding these exercises to your regimen and soon enough you’ll be finishing a Spartan Race, burpee free. Now go forth and get your chin-up on Spartan! AROO!!!

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