“Fun!” this is why we do anything more than once isn’t it? I’ve done 13 Spartan Races in 13 states in 2012, including the Killington Ultra Beast and I’ve already done 5 races in 2013 with another 6 on deck. I keep going because they never get boring and 1 race just isn’t enough! Racing is about the adventure!

The days are short, so I make sure to make mine as long as possible, take advantage while I can! Training in the morning, work during the day, training at night, spending time with my dog, my fiancé, close-by friends and family, making sure I never miss a beat, catching up on nutrition clients, training clients, and furthering my education. I want to make sure that I look back at each day knowing it was my best.

I learned how these races compare to everyday life in the fact that no obstacle, location, distance, venue, date, or timing is ever the same and you need to adjust if you want to succeed. If you expect the unexpected then you will never be surprised, so why not train that way and train to be prepared for anything?! A few years back that was the exact approach I took with my training, to never repeat a workout and do things that were out of the norm.
You name it I have probably done it, and if I haven’t, I promise I will.

The people who compete in Spartan Races are remarkable people with even better stories. I have met tons of new people who have all taught me a little something that I always keep in the back of my mind. The individual effort and camaraderie alone is more than enough reason to keep me coming back for more.

We have created a team here in North NJ and have been a part of over 100 people completing over 250 races in the past 18 months and these people are what motivates me day in and day out. I remember the feeling that came over me when I was able to beat the race and cross the finish line for the first time and the only thing better than that was crossing it with a friend, a group, or a team of people that never thought they could.

Fun? Absolutely it is!

Don’t get me wrong, the races are hard and challenging, and that’s the best part about it. You not only get to test yourself and put your body to work but at the same time when you’re not racing, and just dealing with life’s obstacles… you realize, “eh, this isn’t so bad, Spartan Race was tougher.”

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