crosscycleblacksite (2)CrossCycle® Fitness founded by elite ultra endurance athlete, Chris Gagnon, provides professional-level functional strength training for endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all abilities. We work with all individuals and teams of varied fitness levels to help produce great results in a short amount of time. Our programs will make you rethink the way you workout and deliver results you are looking for.  Machines, sitting, rest, and quitters are not allowed.  We want your motivation in exchange for rewards in your health and happiness.  Spartans never back down right?
Customized coaching designed for you. Improve your fitness level in the comfort of your own home or gym with all of our online CrossCycle® programs.  There are FREE Spartan Approved workouts to get you started and others to choose from once you feel the need for more challenge.  If online programs aren’t your thing, have us talk with you individually and build a workout suited to your lifestyle and what’s available to you.  We’ll make it work and help you achieve anything!  Start training for your next race or season now!!


Endurance Phase – Progressive Outdoor Hill Climb / 20sec intervals / 10min
Strength Phase 1
(repeat 3x – 60sec each)
Dumbbell Squat
Dumbbell Burpee/Curl/Press
Squat Jump
Floor Mountain Climbers
Dumbbell Renegade Row
Swiss Ball Plank Roll
Endurance Phase – Progressive Outdoor Hill Climb / 30sec intervals / 10 min
Strength Phase 2 (to failure)

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