Spartan WOD for Friday, 10.26.12

by Anthony Matesi

While training for the Death Race I spent a lot of my weekends playing with extended workouts that required stopping and going, running, hiking, lifting, wash, rinse, repeat.  Exhausting yourself, and then finding the strength to keep going beyond, that’s what makes it possible to finish the Death Race. While the mental part is the most difficult part of the race, you can train yourself to do this by taking a workout you were planning to do. When you finish, start over and do the workout again.  The fatigue will cause you to want to quit, if you succeed in pushing past that desire to quit you will be well on your way to preparing for the Death Race. Try this one out.

1 -  5 Minute Time Limit: Perform as many Tire Flips as possible.
2 -  1 Mile Run at 75% of race pace
3 -  25 box jumps – find a solid surface you can jump on (park bench, large rock, etc)
4 -  1/4 mile dash at 85% of race pace
5 -  50 bosu ball squats (or 100 air squats)
6 -  3 sets of max push-ups. First set normal, second set wide, third set diamond.
7 -  30 Russian twists w/medicine ball (or a large rock)
8 -  3 sets of max French curls with large rock or sandbag weight
9 -  50 knee ups – laying flat on back and with knees bent, lower legs and raise to chest while keeping shoulders off the ground.
10 -  100 toe raises
11 -  100 calf raises
12 -  Run 1/2 Mile at 60% of race pace
13 -  20 burpees
14 -  30 toe raises
15 -  30 calf raises

Now go do the entire workout again.

If you have questions about the Death Race, if you are wondering what it is like, read Anthony’s and, of course, be sure to swing by for Death Race info. 

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