by Carrie Adams

We’ve told you before that the Spartan Race isn’t for the average man or woman off the street.  Our race is tough, and it’s supposed to be.  It’s not about “just finishing.”  It’s about competing and getting it done.  The only fun that you’ll have is when you cross the finish line and realize that you’re not dead.  Two racers from Miami showed us what it means to be a Spartan on Saturday.  Way to represent, Miami.

Rosa Luzardo #5679

Rosa was almost hospitalized after the race.  On the 5th mile her legs began to cramp but she would not give up.  “I had to die first,” she said.  She ran the whole race, including the obstacles.  Those aren’t designed to be breaks.  They are designed to further test you as your lungs are busting and your heart is racing.  While crossing a water obstacle, she went under and two men had to grab her and pull her towards shore.  At one point after burpees, with two and a half miles left of rugged forest trails, Rosa admitted, “I thought I would NEVER see civilization again.”

There was still a massive cargo net to climb, and a balance beam to traverse, and rock dragging with a rope.  Her calves were tightening up and she knew she needed fuel, but a bow and arrow obstacle was all that she’d find ahead of her.  After missing her shot and paying the penalty with 30 more burpees she began to drag her body through the mud obstacle suddenly aware that her limbs weren’t functioning right.  Terrified, she realized, she couldn’t feel her legs anymore.  An immense wall was her final challenge and she barely remembered crossing the finish line.  That’s when the pain struck.  Rosa fell to the ground “screaming in excruciating pain.”

A medic immediately realized she was dehydrated and her blood pressure was low. Unable to get an IV started, the medics gave Rosa massive amounts of Gatorade and any carbs that they could find.  Rosa refused a ride to the hospital, despite being so weak she couldn’t walk.  She lay on the ground covered in mud, until she was able to get up and have family take her home.  She reflected on her experience, grateful for the help from other racers, the paramedics, and her family during the scary moments after the race.  True to Spartan form, all she could say was: “Best race ever and looking forward to doing it again!”

Tony Gallo

Tony Gallo crossed the finish line at the Miami Super
Spartan with a dislocated shoulder.  He waved off the medics that urged him to seek treatment.  He had gotten injured at the second-to-last obstacle on the course: the horizontal wall that the racer has to cross with small pieces of wood. He lost his balance, and in
trying to prevent himself from falling, he reached back for one of the blocks, hyper-extended his arm, andheard it pop.  As he was approaching the finish line, the gladiators gathered, ready to take him out.  Tony calmly walked forward toward them and showed them his shoulder with the bone sticking out at a horrifying angle.  The Spartans, disgusted by what they saw, let Tony pass.  Tony’s feedback from his hospital bed was, “Great race by the way.  My bones will heal and will be ready for February 2012!!!!”

Nice job, Miami!  Way to get after it and get it DONE!

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