by Carrie Adams


Jack Cary 2010 Death Race

Jack Cary ran his first 5K a little over three years ago.  He hadn’t done anything other than martial arts growing up.  The Software Engineer from Colchester, Vermont is now regularly running ultra distance races and making his fourth Death Race appearance as a competitor.  He’s participated in two winter Death Races and one Summer event.  “It’s easy for people to understand a marathon.” he laughs, “It’s hard for people to understand these things and why you want to go be in something where you do anything that people tell you do.”

The endurance athlete says everything is his life has been effected by his choices to continue pushing his limits.  “I need to do things like this to feel alive and it doesn’t have to be every day, but knowing that there is a date in the future where I’ll push past perceived limits is something that inspires me.”

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