by Carrie Adams

Noel-HannaUpdate:  Noel has reached the summit!  His fourth successful ascent to Everest.  Amazing job, Noel!

Update: I just heard from Lynne Hanna this morning at 9:30 CST that the team has left for summit about 10 hours of climbing now to top.

This morning I received an email from Lynne Hanna regarding Spartan Founding Few’s Noel Hanna’s Everest ascent attempt. “All going well.   Noel will leave high camp tonight 5.30 Irish  time for summit …” she told me.

Today, and in just one day, Tibetan climbers completed the preparation of the ascent route.  The rope is fixed up along the whole route to the summit and the way is open. The weather is also holding up, giving an excellent chance for a successful ascent and the wind is within allowable thresholds.

On the scheduled day for the planned ascent, it should not worsen. The whole team (8 members, 8 Sherpa’s, and also 3 guides) are now in a camp at an altitude of 7,800 meters. On May 20, in the morning, they will go to the assault camp at 8,300 meters. And tomorrow, the whole team should go into the assault of Everest. All are doing well.

Keep Noel and his team in your thoughts on such a momentous and courageous attempt on Everest!


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By Carrie Adams


Noel Hanna

BREAKING NEWS: Noel Hanna, one of Spartan Race’s Founding Few, will be attempting yet another  summit bid for Everest with the expedition 7 Summits Club.  The attempt is scheduled for the nights of May 20 – 21st.

The Timeline:

The Chinese have promised to finalize the route and fix ropes up to the summit on May 20.  May 18, the entire group of 19 people pulled out of ABC (Advanced Base Camp) to the North Col camp at 7000 meters.  On May 19, it is planned that they reach the camp at 7500 meters. May 20 they will attempt an ascent to the assault camp at altitude of 8300 meters. May 21 they will attempt to climb the summit. Now all members of the expedition are preparing for exit.


Noel and Lynne Hanna

Noel’s wife Lynn tells me, “Noel called me yesterday Irish time 3pm (10 pm for him ) and said his goodbyes.  Well, we never say ‘goodbye,’ just ‘climb safe.’”

Noel won’t be taking a satellite phone to the summit because he is guiding at least two people.  For communication they will have walkie talkies to stay in contact about weather and other critical factors.

According to Lynn, “If all goes to plan, he will begin at midnight Friday and arrive to the summit around 9 am 21st May.”  She adds, “This is a lucky date as he has summated  Everest twice  before on 21st May and Denali also 21st May.”

Noel will not contact Lynn again until he is safe below the North Col at ABC (Advanced Base Camp.)

We will be updating our blog but you can also check out:

We all wish Noel a safe and successful ascent and look forward to hearing his updates!

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by Anthony Adragna

image via National Geographic

Do extreme athletes know when they cross the line between pushing their bodies to the limit and putting themselves in mortal danger? The line between pushing yourself to the limit and pushing yourself too far is razor thin. Too often I think athletes don’t know when to stop and hurt themselves because of it.

Arriving at this opinion has taken some time, so let me explain why I’ve reached it.  After re-reading Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air— the story of the disaster on Mount Everest in 1996 that killed 8 people— I realized how much Everest fascinated me and kept reading. I also watched a series that aired on the Discovery Channel called Everest: Beyond the Limits.

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