by Carrie Adams

Chris Davis trudged up the hill, already exhausted.  With more than 11 miles left in the Spartan World Championship Beast, he was facing one of the steepest ascents of the day, and it wasn’t even dawn yet.  The terrain surrounding the small group moving up the mountainside is technical and gnarly, making each step even more arduous.  One of those in the group was founder Joe Desena, who would carry a sandbag, another was Spartan HQ Facebook maven Rachel Stuppy, and even Davis’s boss from Comcast joined in the journey.  Yet another was Spartan Death Race finisher (two times over) Josh Zitomer, and finally there was Forest Call, and he carried a familiar tool – his camera – to capture every moment of the action.

Two Death Races, two Beasts, several supers, sprints, and everything in between all with a camera in hand and a tireless attitude to get the very best shots. He is best known as the brother of the most famous obstacle course racer, Hobie Call or more recently as the boyfriend of elite racer and Dirt in Your Skirt Blogger, Margaret Schlachter. Each race Forest Call has been there to document the action.

It all started in February of 2011 when Call followed his brother, Hobie, to his first ever Spartan Race in Temecula, California.  I actually met him there, it was my first Spartan Race as well.  Call went camera in hand to capture the action of Hobie’s first race. From that race on Call became a staple of Spartan Races, following Hobie’s progression to the legend he has become today. Along the way he captured other elite racers and memorable Spartan footage and each video he makes he shares with the world on his own YouTube channel.

When asked why Call, a general contractor by day, takes time off work to travel and film and edit races for other people, he always answers “it’s my passion.” In edition to shooting and editing hundreds of hours of video footage this former downhill mountain bike racer also has competed in the 2011 Tuxedo Sprint and 2011 Utah Super. Call is no slouch himself in Utah finishing top 10 in the elite heat, without the camera that time, but finds his true love is behind the camera.

In 2012, during the Summer Death Race while filming Schlachter for her Death Race experience that he met Chris Davis. It was during this race the two chatted about the Vermont Beast, Call asked if he would be able to document Davis’s race for him. Call knew this would be an amazing experience for Davis and wanted to ensure it was captured on video. Davis immediately said, “yes” and the two started planning.

On the morning of the race Call trudged out in the woods and followed Davis for his entire thirteen and a half hour Beast capturing all the footage along the way, some of which was used in the Spartan Race recap by Mad Motion. Once back in his home state of Utah, Call sifted through hours of footage and edited together an emotional video of Davis’s race.

So Spartan Race HQ would like to give a quick,  ”thank you” to Forest Call for capturing the conclusion of Chris Davis’s journey in Vermont at the Vermont Beast. We look forward to more videos in the future from Call.

Watch the full version of Chris Davis’s journey from Forest Call HERE.

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