by April Luu, Spartan Pro Athlete

It’s hard to believe that this adventure started one year ago today! I went to that start line at the Ft. Carson Military Sprint not knowing anything that was going to be put before me. I was scared and excited at the same time. I was challenged both physically and mentally to complete this race. It was unlike any other race I had ever been in. When I crossed that finish line I was exhausted and elated at the same time. My efforts earned me the top spot. I had won the race, unbelievable! The sense of accomplishment I felt when I got to stand up on stage with that badass helmet was like no other! That was it, I was hooked.

After I got home I started researching about Spartan Race and who all of these crazy people were that were competing. I finished up the fun OCR races that I was doing that year just in the state of Colorado. After that I decided that I wanted to compete in the Spartan Circuit. I thought why not? During this process I actually got some people to sponsor me on this adventure because of my performance in my local races. It was incredible how the sport was taking off and how many were paying attention.

Yes, some people thought I was out of my mind but others could not help but be infected with my enthusiasm. As a personal trainer I started inspiring others to train and reach their goals. Some of those goals being to race in a Spartan Race! And so it began. My family in tow heading to Glen Rose, Texas, my first race in the circuit. A Beast in Texas was 13.5 miles with 20 some obstacles. It was a brutal race. There was a 100 meter swim, Tyrolean traverse, bucket brigade, Hercules hoist, two rope climbs, and of course the spear throw.

I thought, “They are throwing everything at us! Get through this and make it to that finish line!” That I did with my husband and kids standing there cheering me on and so proud of my accomplishment. I did something no other Spartan athlete had done that weekend; I won a Beast back to back!

And the journey continues to grow as my family and I set off for each race through the season. We look forward to meeting new people and meeting up with our friends. I take the time at each race to talk to the people who work for Spartan and have now became a part of my family.  My kids are always excited about the next place we will be going to race. I take great pride in setting an example to my kids and others and inspiring them to reach for their goals. Those crazy people that I was talking about at the beginning of this story ? Well I guess I am one of them now. My family and I have had the honor and privilege to get to know them. Our race weekend in Colorado alone we had 10-12 Spartan racers at our house (you know who you are) and had the honor to a part of Mike and DiAne Santos wedding at the Spartan Race.

This has and will continue to be an epic journey and I want to say thank you to my family for all of their support on this crazy train. And thank you to my sponsors Adam Way Racing, Eco Vessel, Sol Survivor, Colorado Running Company, Open Fences, Kronobar, and last but not least, my coach Aaron Knutson from Max Performance for keeping me healthy and strong!! Thank you all for believing in me and taking that chance. It means a lot! Live everyday as if it were your last!

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