by Carrie Adams


Niki Kenney

When Niki Kenney first emailed me, she was a Spartan finisher – the Georgia race actually, she blogged about her experience, and we loved her spirit and enthusiasm.  Since then Niki has contacted Spartan Race again this time to spearhead (like how I did that?  Spearhead?  Since we throw spears….) a fundraiser for Hobie’s efforts as he chases down a $20,000 prize for winning the remaining Spartan Races.


Hobie Call's Culvert Crawl, Death Race 2011

Hobie’s contributions to the Spartan races and obstacle racing is remarkable.  He’s one of the most inspiring athletes we’ve come in contact with and has always sought the toughest competition we could bring to the table.  Rarely seen without a smile on his face, he is a class act and an athlete that Spartan Races has embraced for what he has accomplished but most importantly for the man that he is.  He didn’t win the Death Race, but his pursuit of Spartan glory is far from over.  He still has a chance to walk away a Spartan Champion if he can pull off winning of the remaining events in our United States circuit.

Don’t be fooled, for the competitive athletes like Hobie we are still a race with talented racers that are coming to take him on and even for a phenom athlete like Hobie Call it’s not always going to be an easy road.   That doesn’t mean we don’t love the guy… From the mountains of Temecula to the ski ridges of New York we’ve followed the journey of  Hobie Call with earnest.  How can you help that journey continue for such a worthy athlete?  Read Niki’s message and find out…

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