by Brian A. Nichols

During the Beast Event on Saturday I ended up hitting muscle/heat failure going up the second ridge line after the four mile mark. About 2/3 – 3/4 of the way up I ran into a couple as I was staggering along while they were sharing a few cold ones with a group of athletes. The name of the gent who helped me was Matt and was a teacher from California. I began throwing up quite a lot of water and he instantly began to help me out. Kept talking to me, moving along and making sure I was okay. He even went so far as to lift me up onto his back in a buddy carry and a piggy back to try and help me crest the peak of that ridge line.

Over the next hour we stopped multiple times and were passed by countless folks but he never once stopped helping me to get through. His partner was constantly asking other racers to go ahead to the next point and get a medic coming back to help out. Near the top of the ridge I collapsed again and started throwing up more water and the little bit of food I had been able to take in. Once that happened he literally threw me onto his back in a buddy carry and topped the ridge then began down the other side. It was finally during this point in time that another racer began to help and his name was Lou. Between the both of them I was able to slide/walk down the ridge.

Through all of this Matt was there helping me out, carrying my gear and doing his best to make sure I was okay. It never crossed my mind to get some way to contact him so I could properly thank him and his partner for all the things that they did for me.

[Editor's Note: That's what being a Spartan is truly all about!  We're looking for Matt, and if you are or know the man named Matt who helped out, email!]

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