by Carrie Adams

Spartan Race is no stranger to Guiness Book World Records.  Some of our founders, including Noel Hanna have a few on their walls.  On Veteran’s Day in 2012 a very special record was broken by another familiar Spartan face, well, gas mask.  Introduced to Sparta in Leesburg, VA female Team X-T.R.E.M.E. athlete, call sign “Justice” was the record breaker!  A member of Team X since January 2012, she’s participated in two of our Spartan events and recently became a world record holder when she was the first female to complete a marathon’s full 26.2 miles in a gas mask.  Completed as a Team X event, it was done in honor of all Wounded Veterans and was an accomplishment not lost on the Marine, who when masked is referred to simply as “Justice.”

Justice, whose real name will be withheld out of respect for the anonymity of the team and the commitment to their focus on their wounded comrades, has been a member of Team X since January when she went through the INDOC process.  She was asked to join after 48 grueling hours of physical and psychological testing.  The INDOC testing phase was the third and final stage of Team X-T.R.E.M.E.’s intense indoctrination process.  The first step Justice underwent was the submission of a two minute video.  Upon acceptance of the initial video submission there is an invitation to join the athlete community to show a candidate’s dedication to the organization by raising money and awareness.  If proven in the community, the candidates are invited to participate in the Richmond, VA 48 hour test.  The most recent INDOC with seven candidates actually resulted in no new team member invitations, a nod to the difficulty and exclusivity of the process.

Justice not only succeeded, she excelled, and has been a remarkable addition to the team.  For her first Team X event and weighing in at just over 120 pounds she carried 45% of her body weight for 26.2 miles through the New Mexico high desert while wearing a gas mask at the 2012 Bataan Death March.  At the Spartan Race in Leesburg she carried almost 90% of her body weight with wounded warrior athlete USMC Cpl. Todd Love on her back throughout the course rotating with the rest of the male-based team every half mile.  Not once did she miss her turn to carry the weight, not once did she falter or complain.

She repeated that again the Carolina’s and will be in attendance of many more Spartan events in the 2013 season.  We look forward to her return and congratulate her on her incredible record-breaking accomplishment!

Want to join her?  Sign up for one of our many events in 2013, it looks like we’re going to have nearly 60 worldwide by the time the year is over.  Join us!

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By Carrie Adams

clip_image002Hobie Call is a wanted man and it’s coming down to a game of numbers. Five Spartan Race victories in five cities: Eight miles in 57:51 – Temecula, CA. Eight miles in 51:20- Chandler, AZ. Three miles in 28:13- Smithville, TX. Eight miles in 59:13 – Miami, FL. Three miles in 34:23 – Conyers, GA. The average time between Call and second place: 3.7 minutes. In racing these distances, that’s an eternity. Did we mention there are a dozen or so obstacles dropped into the race like scaling over walls, throwing spears, crawling under barbed wire, crossing deep water, carrying heavy buckets, and avoiding large Spartan Gladiators with pugil sticks?

One goal: 19 wins for $100,000 prize. And one man is in a position to take it home.  Call is on a quest to win every domestic Spartan Race to earn the payday. He can lose up to two of the Spartan Races, but he has to win the Death Race in June – that’s a requirement. With five out of the 19 races in the books and no promising challengers on the horizon, it appears that Hobie Call may just be unbeatable. With New York in sight, he’s preparing for another race and a whole new crop of challengers.

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