by Carrie Adams

Elite Spartan athlete, Saturday’s second place finisher (just .2 seconds behind first place finisher Ang Reynolds) in the Gulf Coast Race, Woman of CrossFit, mother of two, and generous Spartan Chick Janice Ferguson emailed HQ today with a remarkable story.  On Sunday, after the races were over, there were some boxes of leftover bananas.  Not wanting them to go to waste, she and her husband packed them up and headed out to find some deserving people to donate the extras.

“Today I donated the leftover six boxes from the Gulf Coast Race to a local soup kitchen, Feed My Sheep, in Gulfport, MS.  They were really grateful.”  But that was just one stop.  Ferguson went on to a local women’s shelter.

“I also donated three boxes to a local battered women’s shelter, Gulf Coast Center for Non-Violence.  They were happy to receive them as well.  But we didn’t take a photograph as the location and shelter details are top secret to keep the women safe.”

Says Ferguson, “I just didn’t want them to waste when they could help feed some people.”

That’s a true Spartan.

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