by Carrie Adams

Spartan Race has teamed up with some amazing visualis artists to bring our race into your living room and bring the experience to life.  One of our amazing partners is HotSeat Media, a company who first found Spartan Race when they were shooting a series on chronic pain and MMA fighters.  They take all the amazing footage you see on Spartan Race TV.

I recently spoke with Logan Mosier to discuss the young company, the amazing HD, and stories that they hope to tell through the eyes of our Spartan Racers.

“So we have been around as a company for a little over a year and we have been doing a lot of different things – homeless advocacy, Boston Scientific, and the Pain Channel.  The Pain Channel is published every week and we did a piece for the pain channel for the MMA lab, they were really excited about the Spartan Race.  It got our attention.”

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By Carrie Adams

“It’s tough, it’s muddy, it’s beautiful.” – Spartan 2nd place finisher Andre Miller.


The smoke billows up at the start and mud flies as competitors take off across the trail beginning their Spartan Race.  Men and women heave their dirty bodies over walls and drag themselves across the muddy, rocky earth beneath a veil of barbed wire.  They struggle with buckets of dirt  and water, drag stones behind them, chuck spears at hay targets and race their way across several miles of rugged, hilly trail terrain–only to face hulking Spartan Gladiators in the pit before the finish line.  Runners live a lifetime inside those three to eight mile stretches and Spartan is there to capture those moments and share them with the world.

Recently, Spartan Race launched an online TV channel to highlight episodes of our racing season. These epic moments of pain, struggle, competition, and ultimate triumph are captured by the video visionaries at HotSeat Media and available streaming at:   By partnering with HotSeat Media for the venture, Spartan ensures that the spirit of the racers and the events are captured with these amazing videos.

Chad Harris of HotSeat Media believes it is a perfect partnership.  ”The first time I attended a Spartan Race I was blown away,” says Harris, Managing Director of Hotseat  Media. “You’ve got this great mix of elite athletes and weekend warriors all battling to compete in the nation’s fastest-rising sport. Every race presents its own unique story.  When you combine that drama with the compelling visuals we provide, you get programming tailor-made to the discriminating web and mobile TV audience. I am thrilled we are in a position to extend Spartan Race’s global reach.”

Brian Duncanson, Spartan Race CEO, echoes Harris, saying, “ is an exciting new platform for us.  We are building our own TV channel to bring entertainment to our fans and a marketing platform for our sponsors.  It’s more entertaining than most of what is on cable TV.”

Find out for yourself what can happen on the course by signing up and becoming a Spartan.   You’ll understand at the finish line.

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