The messages for Joe have been pouring in, all wanting to ask questions, make suggestions or ask things about Spartan Race. This week, “Confused In Compton” asks for clarity in the best way they can overcome an injury they sustained.

Dear Joe,

I’m in the process of training for the Spartan Race in Vegas later this month. The running is going well and I’ve even learned how to do the hook with my feet for when I do the rope climb.

I’ve managed to incorporate weights and kettlebells into my training too, but I think I may be overdoing it. As such, I’ve now pulled a muscle in my shoulder on the top left side, which now means that anything involving upper body, shoulder or left arms hurts. My flexibility has also suffered because of this.

I’ve looked online, asked my friends and trainers and it’s all a mixed bag of opinion and remedies, some of which even contradicts other advice.

So, rather than mess around with more conflicting advice, I thought I’d go straight to source. Training for Spartan Races is well documented, but what about recovery from small injuries? How do I accelerate the healing? What do you do if you have the same kind of setback?

Thanks for your time.

Confused in Compton, CA.

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