by John McEvoy

[Editor’s Note: John McEvoy is a 2011 Death Racer and 2011 Amesbury Spartan Sprint Finisher.  He owns a CrossFit Box CrossFit Craic in Maryland.  He is currently registered for the 2012 Death Race June 15, 2012.]

Are you ready? for a Spartan Race… right now?

315974_10150389170636488_737781487_10570256_910949538_nIn a previous post I did on my website, I talked about General Physical Preparedness or G.P.P and what exactly that means. As a follow on from that, I wanted to talk about preparing for a Spartan Race.

I hear a lot people saying, “Spartan Race sounds badass, I’m going to train for it next year.”

Screen-shot-2011-06-26-at-3.27.04-PM-300x162Next year? Why do you feel like you have to wait until then? Personally, I view G.P.P as ALWAYS being ready. I do not have a ‘season’ and I do not follow a program geared towards anything specific. In short, I am always ready. If the Spartan race was tomorrow I would be psyched. If the Death Race was tomorrow, I would be psyched. Would I like a little more notice? Sure, but I would welcome the challenge tomorrow if the opportunity presented itself. My goal in life is to always be prepared for whatever happens and roll with the punches as they come. There is no program in life. You simply deal with shit as it happens.

296068_10150389170561488_737781487_10570255_2139627314_nI pick heavy stuff up off the ground and put it over my head, I sprint, I carry stuff for distance – ALL THE TIME and I think you should all do the same.

Get your asses out of the office and go put yourself through some self induced hardship.  You’ll be glad you did.

I competed in a CrossFit competition called Beast of the East ( I registered for this event months ago having no idea what the events will be. On Monday they released 3 of the 6 events. Event 1 will be a 5km run. Event 2 will be a max weighted Turkish get up (click here to see a tutorial.)

Event 3 will be As many reps as possible in 2 mins of Deadlift @275lbs for men, 185lbs for women.

How do you train for events as broad as the above? You have to do everything.

For those of you are on the fence about doing an upcoming Spartan Race, go and register right now and start training.

Always be ready. 


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