Meet Jonathan Shifflet. A guy who, in June 2012, weighed around 240lbs and who also had a bad habit to the tune of a pack of cigarettes a day.

“I was sitting at my computer playing on facebook smoking a cigarette, when I noticed a friend of mine liked your page. I checked out your website and fell in love with the races and the people. I felt a part of me that I thought was gone waking up inside me. My urge my desire and my passion for fitness that I hadn’t felt since high school came back.”

That was the spark he needed. Two weeks later, cigarette-free, a difficult undertaking, as any smoker will tell you – Jonathan then dove headlong into the Spartan WOD’s he’d subscribed to.

He remembers his first one fondly, “It was horrible. The Spartan WOD is truly unforgiving. My lungs burned, I coughed, I puked and I felt beaten.”

Par for the course, then. But he continued and he saw himself getting fitter and more importantly his breathing was improving and his air was fresher. His next target was the Spartan Beast in Glen Rose, Texas.

Despite his heat being scheduled for Sunday, Jonathan was there Saturday morning to soak up the atmosphere and “get a feel” of what he would be doing the following day.

He remembers being daunted by what he saw, “I watched people cross the finish line looking broken and tired. I was still at 200 pounds and I watched six groups cross the line gasping for air.” He was shaken but he knew he had to persist. “I woke up Sunday and headed back to Glen Rose and when my heat was up, I jumped up and down and ran in place – anything to hide the fear.”

Shifflet finished the race. “It took me 5 hrs 28 minutes and was the hardest challenge I had ever done both physically and mentally. But in the process I changed my life because of Spartan Race. Because of you I no longer smoke. I can breathe again.”

So what’s next for Jonathan?

“I now run all the time and I am training for the 2014 death race which I promise will have to kill me to beat me.” He’s thankful for how much his life has changed. “Spartan Race helped me accomplish so much. I didn’t know a better way to thank you than this; the logo is now tattooed into my shoulder!”

What’s your reason for not joining? Sign up TODAY. See you at the finish line…

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