SNAP Infusion is a proud supporter of Vitamin Angels, a charity that brings health to millions of children throughout the world. Through this partnership, SNAP Infusion and Vitamin Angels will be sharing the stories of SUPERMOMS worldwide. Here’s a story of a woman who managed to be an amazing mom and find time to train for no easy challenge, a Spartan Race.

Our second SUPERMOM is Kati Scheetz, a mother of a very special two-year old, Faith-Rose, who is better known as “Bug”. Kati has always been very active and fit. When Kati became pregant with her daughter, she found out early that Bug was way too small and they didn’t know why. At 26 weeks of pregnancy, Kati was placed on strict bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy, which was extremely difficult for a woman who was so active. At 37 weeks, Bug was born at only 4lbs. She came into this world with no heart beat and not breathing. She has been fighting ever since and is now 2 years old.

Bug has been in and out of the hospital because she won’t grow, can’t eat anything by mouth and vomits all the time. No doctor can explain why this is happening. She is now fed 100% by feeding tube which is a full time job. Kati, her husband and Bug take everyday one day at a time, and they do so with a positive attitude. Kati tell us “She is definitely my motivation, I want her to grow up in an environment where healthy eating and being active is the everyday normal.”

This was Kati’s second Spartan Race. She thinks that OCR is an amazing sport. It not only challenges you physically, but also mentally. Kati trained by doing a lot of running, taking bootcamp classes and carrying Bug around, which is like carrying a Spartan sandbag around 7 days a week! This year, Kati shaved 45 minutes off her time from last year, now, that’s a SUPERMOM.

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Is your mom your super? Share the story of your SUPERMOM with SNAP Infusion and Vitamin Angels. #mysupermom

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