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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Spartan had our first ever BEAST race in Killington, VT August 6, 2011.  Show hosts, Shawty Carrie Adams and M_Scan Maurya raced in the epic event and this week’s Spartan’ radio show had a special guest join the fray as well.  The Beast’s third place female finisher Margaret Schlachter joins the group to talk all things Beast!  Hear the ladies recount their experiences in the Green Mountains of Vermont and their adventures at the Upstate New York Park ‘n’ Ride.  Honey Badger talk, lots of water drinking, and plenty of laughs in this one!  Of course there are outtakes and we talk about some nutrition as well. Carrie aka Shawty makes some amazing homemade protein bars and breaks down a few clean eating basics! Did you notice the new look of the Spartan Race blog?  Go check it out!  If you haven’t signed up for a race get to it!  Register HERE!

Intro and Exit Music used by permission from “Windows of the Soul” by Fool’s Chaos. Hear more great tunes at Fool’s Chaos.

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July 10th we hit the air waves again to talk all things Spartan!  This show ended up longer than our normal show.  We talk about Utah and Hobie Call’s triumphant return, the Kids Race, the 2011 Death Race, and Carrie aka Shawty has officially joined the 2012 race and is looking to raise some serious money for some Chicked charities.  The Beast is coming up and the Spartan Chicks will be there in full force and with a UNIFORM that will be available for sale soon!  Katy McCabe, of Team Glamazon Death Race fame joined us for an impromptu interview and we even talked about the amazing Women’s World Cup soccer game today!  Big shout out to goalie Hope Solo, Abby Wambach, Megan Rapinoe and the other ladies of the National Team – Congrats!

Spartan Race’s first blog about the event is also available HERE which outlines the event and challenges in more detail. The Death Race Episode from Hot Seat Media will go live July 16 at 8 PM EST. Visit for more details!

Listen to the amazing bloopers at the end of the show!

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by Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams

The Katya (Includes Soundtrack)

Johnny Cash “God’s Gonna Cut You Down

Placebo “Running Up That Hill

Awolnation “Sail

Warm Up 10 minutes of 80 lb. sand bag Turkish Get-ups
Three rounds for time:
RUN a 50lb. sand bag out 250 meters sprint back
21 – wall burpees
15 – pull ups
9 – sand bag squat cleans
Rotate the order of burpees, pull ups, and squat cleans each round.
c/d run 2 miles

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by Carrie Adams


Katy McCabe

“Call me a Tomboy – but I also have Manolo Blahniks that look damn good on my feet. It doesn’t make me any less of a chick.” – Katy McCabe

I’ve been profiling Death Racers for months and I generally start the conversation with some basic questions:  Full name, age, hometown, and occupation,  “I’m a Russian Cryptologic Linguist and a Signals Intelligence Subject Matter Expert/Analyst.” Katy McCabe told me when I asked her the occupation question.  (long pause)

“I’m sorry, what?” I said, “You’re going to need to repeat that.”  We both laughed, and thus began our Death Race Profile interview.

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by Carrie Adams

Katy McCabe

You didn’t think we were going to crochet, did you?  You can thank the one and only Katy McCabe aka Katya (She’s a Russian linguist and former Marine); Spartan Death Racer, and CrossFit badass for this WOD.

Spartan WOD’s are fun ways to get your ass kicked and we are adding new boots all the time!  Next Tuesday Ms. McCabe will be drop kicking us through our WOD and we need a sandbag.  For about $20 you can have one of your very own!  Don’t worry, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of it.  We’ll make sure of that.

(We’ll also be giving you tips on where to get your very own tire in an upcoming post!  We are so full of fun tips!)

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