All those stories you hear about the course at Vermont are true. There’s a reason Spartan Race’s home is in the mountains of Killington. There are runs and there are trails and that’s all very cute, but when it comes to the absolute premier place to really test your mettle, the Beast – and of course, the Ultra Beast – in Joe De Sena’s back yard is where you need to come.

As such, this is why the World Championship race is such a special event. The course, when running it, feels like it makes absolutely no sense. Why are you constantly going upwards? The laws of physics state that surely at some point, you have to go down? But it never feels that way. Almost the entire course is on either an incline or a minimal decline, which further begs the question, how the heck is there a lake in the middle of it? Yes, you’ll get wet. Why are you surprised? This is not a jolly 5K. Look out for one of the hardest obstacles on the circuit there. You’ll know it when you see it. Don’t worry, there’s a burpee station not far away. Get comfortable, you’ll be there a while.

Also be prepared for everything to be scaled up just a notch or two. Everything will seem longer, heavier or colder. There’s a reason for that. But is it actually that way, or are the mountains playing with you? Remember that mental resilience is every bit as important as physical strength.

The World Championship Race will naturally attract the finest trail runners, speed hikers and even Olympic athletes to the event. With people from England, Australia, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Italy and numerous other countries all vying for the enormous prize pool, it’s easy to understand why this event is the carrot dangling on the end of a very long, painful and punishing stick. No pain, no gain, right?

With the biggest, BADDEST Beast of the year comes the biggest cash prize purse in all of Obstacle Racing! The Vermont hosted World Championship Beast will award over $300,000 in cash prizes. Top Male and Female Finishers, Top Points in the Series, and Age Group awards will be dispersed to those who earn the spotlight for their accomplishments.

Get out there and claim your stake! The awards will be grand and that feeling when you cross the finish line even grander.

You won’t want to miss this! See you at the World Championship finish line.

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Top 3 Males

The Ultra Beast began at 6AM in the dark, when there was fog rolling sharply up the mountains. Lined up were Ultra Beast participants as well as Peak Team Death Racers who had been racing all weekend and would be forced to finish their event side-by-side on the unknown miles ahead. All told, it was roughly 27 miles, sharing 14 of those miles with the Beast course itself. It was a wet, cold, and brutal day on the mountain with a finisher rate hovering at 43%. For an ultra marathong Obstacle course race, the only of it’s kind, there is no shock that the numbers fall as they do.

By the numbers:
585 Registered
252 Finishers
- 43% Finisher percentage

First Place Female, Morgan McKay

108 Elite wave finishers
144 Open wave finishers
15 Female finishers (Last year there were 19 female finishers.)
237 Male finishers

Note: Two of those 15 women, Jackie Rust and Heather Knowles Cammarata raced the Beast the day before. Jackie Rust finished in third place female for the Ultra Beast and Heather placed 4th. Less than a dozen Spartans finished both the Beast AND the Ultra Beast last weekend.

Male winners:
1. Junyong Pak 8:36:28
2. Olof Dallner 8:43:03
3. Ben Nephew 8:54:58

Jackie Rust, 3rd place Female

Female Winners:
1. Morgan McKay 11:31:45
2. Nancy Levene 11:46:07
3. Jackie Rust 13:03:45

Are you ready to tame the Ultra Beast?  Pre-register today!

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by Carrie Adams

Kevin Seaman is a survivor.  Tragically injured in a snowboarding accident in Killington, VT, he fought his way back and decided that as part of his healing he would run a Spartan Race.   He shared his triumphant story with me of survival, of lessons learned, and his desire to return to Killington next year… Spartan style.  

Throughout my entire life I have been involved with extreme sports and outdoor activities. I am heavily involved in both the wakeboard and snowboard communities. I also enjoy rock climbing, trail jogging, and many other sports that keep me outside and moving.

Unfortunately, a year and a half ago, in February, I suffered a traumatic injury while snowboarding with a few friends. We were simply riding through the woods at Killington Mtn (home of your Beast event) when my board snagged on a root under the snow and swung me, at high speed, sideways into a tree on my left side. I was not wearing a helmet at the time (A lesson hard learned, which will not be repeated) so I hit the tree at full force on my Temporal bone on my left side. I was immediately knocked unconscious and was heavily bleeding from my left ear.

Luckily, my friend which was with me was an EMT (Michelle Stabile, for whom I am extremely thankful for). She rushed to my aid and immediately had Killington ski patrol come to bring me to their ER clinic, which rushed me off to the hospital. (Thanks again to Killington, VT for having such a wonderful emergency team).

My injuries were so severe that they had to transport me to Dartmouth while in a coma. I was hospitalized at Dartmouth for about two weeks prior to being released to home care. I had been in and out of consciousness the whole time and lost all hearing and balance on my left side, which will never return. My partial facial paralysis DID heal.

Before I even left the hospital I set goals for myself, which included my first multi-sport obstacle race. During the process of relearning how to walk and function properly my doctors continually told me all of the things I wouldn’t be able to do as a result of my injuries…

I would not be able to rock climb, do gymnastic flips, or walk a balance beam…

With that motivation, I started at the gym, training on my own, in addition to my physical therapy sessions. (Against doctor’s orders of course, but my mind set was, the only person who can make me better… is ME).  Eight months later I competed in my first event… and then fell in love with the challenges of the Spartan race. You have all kept me motivated to continue my rigorous training and make sure there is nothing I can’t do.

I’m proud to say that I completed the recent 2012 Tri-State event in the top 4% and plan on joining you next year for a trifecta. It will be an honor to run the Killington course, it’s kind of like sticking it to the man/Mountain. There is nothing that can’t be conquered. So to everyone who told me it couldn’t be done… the view from the top is beautiful.

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by Carrie Adams

The Killington Beast proved to be one of the most memorable Spartan battlegrounds to date.  Once people got home (and the swelling went down), the emails flooded into Spartan HQ telling stories of survival on the mountain and how the obstacles and single track trail were some of the toughest our Spartan athletes have faced.  However, some of the most memorable quotes were heard on the mountain by some of our very own Spartan employees.  (You know we run our own races, right?)

Our take-away?  Spartans are not only resilient, they are also quite FUNNY.  Here’s a few (that we could remember.) 

thebeast-161. This is the hardest race I’ve ever done and yet I’m still smiling.  I think I need a Power Bar.  That’s the first sign of being delusional. 

2. This is harder that child birth and I have had two kids.

3. Maybe I didn’t do enough carb loading?  Carbs are, like, magic… right?  Ugh, now I want pizza.

4. Would you take a picture of my leg bruise?  I got mine at the barbed wire pit, where’dthebeast-53 you get yours? 

5. The Spartan chicks are hot…. I wish the last one would have chicked me slightly more slowly. 

6. You started at 9?   I started at 10:30, why am I beating you?  I bet Hobie Call is already home napping. 

7. The people at work are NEVER going to believe what I did this weekend. 

thebeast-508. Just breathe.  There’s just a rope ladder to climb, another rope to traverse, a slippery wall, and a spear to throw left…oh yeah, and the three huge Spartan Gladiators with pugil sticks to get passed.  (With a quarter mile to go.)

9. I don’t need to be able to walk when we get done, do I?  I mean, the volunteers will carry us back to our cars, right?  That’s part of their job, right?

10. So, what you’re saying is that we are running up double black diamond slopes thatthebeast-59 are equipped with a fully functional ski lift?  Okay, just checking.

11. Girl One: You think they have port-a-potties out here? 

Girl Two: Just go.  I did. 

Girl One: Like, just now you did?

Girl Two: I think so. 

12. If that dude throws me over this eight foot wall right now, I’ll buy him an entire keg ofthebeast-71 beer at the after party tonight. 

13. I hear music, I think that means we’re close… or I’m now hearing things.  Either way, it’s catchy so I am going with it.

14. That’s not mud, it’s mushy banana.  I had it in my bra but it got squashed when I did the barbed wire crawl.   I’ll still eat it though. 

15. That was the craziest thing I’ve ever done… I can’t wait for the next one. 


Watch our Beast Recap on Spartan Race TV

What do you most remember (or not) about your Spartan experience?  Post pictures and one liners to our wall, there may be a T-shirt in it for you with your quote on it… Want to know what all the buzz is about?  Get signed up for a race today and find out. 


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Spartan had our first ever BEAST race in Killington, VT August 6, 2011.  Show hosts, Shawty Carrie Adams and M_Scan Maurya raced in the epic event and this week’s Spartan’ radio show had a special guest join the fray as well.  The Beast’s third place female finisher Margaret Schlachter joins the group to talk all things Beast!  Hear the ladies recount their experiences in the Green Mountains of Vermont and their adventures at the Upstate New York Park ‘n’ Ride.  Honey Badger talk, lots of water drinking, and plenty of laughs in this one!  Of course there are outtakes and we talk about some nutrition as well. Carrie aka Shawty makes some amazing homemade protein bars and breaks down a few clean eating basics! Did you notice the new look of the Spartan Race blog?  Go check it out!  If you haven’t signed up for a race get to it!  Register HERE!

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