Reebok Spartan Race is scheduled to invade the Entertainment Capital of the World in just ten short days. And what’s more entertaining than a former WEC lightweight champion currently fighting in the UFC taking on the Reebok Spartan Race course? Jamie Varner will be there April 6 to take on the first ever Reebok Spartan Race in Las Vegas.  The 28-year-old is recovering from a hand injury that has kept him out of action since his UFC 155 victory over Melvin Guillard and will be facing his first, but not last Spartan Race course.

And he’s taking this race very seriously. “I’m a competitive person. I fight people for a living!” He goes on to say, “I was medically cleared  two weeks ago and this gives me motivation to train.  It’s a different kind of motivation and that’s exciting.”

The MMA fighter is no stranger to intense competition and has few worries about race day. “I don’t have to worry about someone punching me in the face,  but it is a bit more mileage than I’m used to running.  That might be the only thing in the back of my mind.”

To prepare for the Super Spartan Varner has added more mileage to his regular training regime. “I added more aerobic conditioning with long runs. I’m most looking forward to the finish line!”

Varner is proud of his Greek heritage and the Spartan Race is right up his alley, “My great-grandmother moved to the US from Sparta. This race is so fitting! To be in Vegas and do the event makes me proud to represent my family and my origin.” He even has a Spartan inspired tattoo on his arm.

After the Spartan Race April 6th Varner is looking for his first MMA match-up for 2013 but doesn’t count out more Spartan events. “I want the fastest road to the title spot. Looking forward to getting my chance.”

First stop on that road? A Spartan finish line in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’ll be sure to warn our Gladiators that he’s coming…

Meet and watch him in action on April 6th! Register today!

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