I am Kristina Campbell. I am a Spartan.

Before my first Spartan race I was naïve and now my life has changed for the better. Spartan Race changed my life and inspired me to be a better more healthy version of myself! I can do anything that I work for.

Over a year ago I saw an advertisement for a Spartan race in my state. I immediately became intrigued with the idea and looked at every photo and video I could find to get a glimpse of what the Spartan Race was all about. My first thought was that this was absolutely for me and I instantly began recruiting my friends to join me in this journey. Once I found some folks as crazy and determined as me, we began to prepare.

We knew this race would not be just another day in the park. My friends and I began training, both independently, and as a group each week. We were all so excited and immensely nervous of the events to come and I was personally grateful to have a handful of my close friends willing to not only support me, but experience this together. With all the research, my team and I were still very aware that we would still have no idea what to expect. Boy, were we right!

After the long months of provision and preparation, the day was finally here! Our very first Spartan race! The bus ride to Amesbury was full of excitement, cheers, and anticipation. As we walked off the bus together and looked around I knew instantly this was going to change my life. The Spartan speeches and cheers of, “Aroo!”, welcomed us as we approached the starting line. Bib numbers scattered across our temporarily clean bodies- check. Bug spray and sunscreen- check. Teammates ready to rock this race with you- check. It was time to get down and dirty. Nearing the starting line I realized I still had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. Luckily my support system and team stood by my side with the same questions and excitement. We were in this together and in that moment, we were more than ready to jump on this thrill ride.

And we’re off! The race began and we look up to this massive hill. Little did we know just how many times we were going to be coming up and down it! So many challenges faced us. During my journey I couldn’t help but notice all my fellow Spartans’ willingness to help out complete strangers. The obstacles were tough. The course was wet and muddy, the walls were really high!  At any struggle or pause there was someone there willing to support you mentally and physically. I ran with a team but, of course, we got separated throughout the course.

It didn’t matter, whenever a small doubt crossed my mind that I couldn’t make it, there was a Spartan right next to me giving me the motivation I needed, sharing helpful hints on how to make the giant cinderblock feel a little lighter as I drag it around. The camaraderie displayed throughout this course was something I was truly proud to be a part of. Witnessing so many incredible events during this race made crossing that finish line and reaching for that, my very first, Spartan medal all the more meaningful.

This was the first of many races to come in my future. Spartan race literally changed my life. I never had not known such an incredible lifestyle existed. I’m now more motivated than ever to stay healthy, be fit, and push myself forward to success. Each obstacle faced was another challenge to push your endurance and every once completed was more satisfaction and proof that you can do anything you put your mind do. Since my first Spartan race in Amesbury MA, I have done many more races. As many as I can find in my area! I was lucky enough to participate in Spartan Race in Fenway park and I’ll be doing both races again this year.

I can’t even put into words how grateful I am that I took that first step into the Spartan World. I never want to leave!

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