by Maurya Scanlon

beach training 2Awhile back, Carrie Adams posted a Death Race Profile about Katy McCabe, and today I got the chance to interview the other Glamazon of their two-woman dream team: Laura Svette. Going into the interview I knew that I was going to encounter a phenom. She not only pushes herself, but she also embodies the “yes you can” attitude that I have found that Spartan Race inspires. This woman is an incredible athlete, and it is with great pleasure that I introduce this profile to the Death Race Universe.

Laura and Katy have been training partners and co-motivators for awhile now, and all it took to get Katy to convince Laura to do the Death Race was a text message. Laura recounts that McCabe texted “We’re doing this,” and within five seconds she was sold. She went on to explain that from that moment on she started almost throwing up every day as she learned more about what exactly she had signed up for. She checked youtube and facebook, every available resource to learn more, but with the anxiousness can the excitement.

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