Leg Raises: Better than Crunches?

The lying leg raise is done by lying on the floor on the back. It is done without apparatus except possibly cushions or weights for added resistance.

Practitioners generally caution to keep the lower back in contact with the floor and place hands to sides or under lower back for support.


If doing hanging leg raises with straight legs might be a bit much, then try this exercise with bent knees.  Feel free to couple this with a pull-up.

Crunches have always been the go-to, but leg raises are an excellent alternative – try them out a few at a time first, as they require much more strength than a traditional crunch or sit up.

The motion of your legs should always be controlled.  This exercise will force you to employ lots of new and less used muscles to keep your feet raising and lowering upwards slow and steady.  Avoid the temptation to break form and throw your legs around recklessly.

See you at the finish line… 

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