by Carrie Adams

carrie_kenn1This story is special to me, because as a female endurance athlete, single mother to two daughters, AND a Spartan employee, promoting the women who come to our races and encouraging more to take part means a lot to me!  Spartan Race is one of the fastest growing active racing organizations in the world. We are more than just your average “mud” run we are an international obstacle racing organization that promotes athleticism, an active lifestyle and bringing together a community of people across the globe. A community of people comprised of some pretty amazing women and girls. 

Spartan Chicked is a movement I began last summer to educate, motivate, and empower women and girls to begin and continue active, competitive, supportive, and fitness driven lifestyles. 

BD2_7586Currently, 32% of Spartan Race competitors are female and we are looking to increase those numbers in 2012 with efforts focused on our female demographic and encouraging participation in our 32 global events. With Spartan Chicked gear and some big ideas for 2012, expect to hear a lot about the Spartan women!  30,000 women raced with Spartan in 2011 and that number is expected to double in 2012!

Spartan Chicked is a movement open to women of all athletic backgrounds from competitive to just beginning a journey of health and well-being. Competitive female athletes like Xterra racer Jennifer Tobin, 2011 Spartan first place female, professional adventure racer Danelle Balangee, Olympic hopeful Lindsey Scherf Georgia Spartan Sprint winner, and Canadian National team member Claude Godbout, Spartan Beast second place finisher have all graced Spartan courses with their feats of athleticism and performance. Check out the special edition Spartan Chicked video that details the movement and some of the amazing women.

Our nearly 700,000 FB fans are represented by 30% female fans and Spartan Race TV and Radio Show regularly feature female Spartan stories and special interests and every Tuesday is dedicated to Spartan Chicks on all our digital platforms highlighting our amazing community. Spartan Chicked has a dedicated blog that is regularly updated by Spartan Chicks!

clip_image013The Spartan Chicked campaign targets young women and girls to show them that being strong, capable, and pushing ourselves is fun and fulfilling. We are here to inspire a nation to get off the couch, take care of their bodies, and ultimately challenge themselves to push through obstacles and overcome adversity.

Our Spartan tagline is “You’ll Know at the Finish Line” and we want as many women as possible to get to experience that feeling of achievement through one of our races!

We will be featuring the amazing Spartan women on our blog and telling their stories.  So look forward to more from our Spartan Chicked community!

Are you a Spartan Chick?  Two things. 

1. Become a part of our closed network on FB: Click HERE and request to join.  No boys allowed!  We share fitness tips, nutrition information, motivation, support and everything in between. 

2. If you want to share your own Chicked story, email

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by Carrie Adams

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”  – Marilyn Monroe

Cassandra Randolph, Arizona

We’re pretty sure Marilyn was talking about muddy running shoes.  Our Spartan female champions and participants are showing up, taking on the Spartan Races, and showing the men how to make dirt look good.  Recently, we discussed the topic of getting chicked, a term that refers to a man getting passed on the course by a woman.  The post had our men shaking in their Nikes and our women standing up and cheering.

Our Competitive Wave One Women winners each brought a physical and mental toughness to the race.  Their victories have been great achievements and highlight what’s possible for women in the Spartan racing circuit.  Undoubtedly there was epic “chicking” involved.

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By Carrie Adams

The role of Spartan women was unusually prominent for the times.  They had legal rights to property, marriage and divorce, and they had the opportunity to participate in sporting events alongside Spartan men.  Spartan women represented, and this weekend in Georgia, twenty-four year old Olympic hopeful Lindsey Scherf is looking to breathe new life into that tradition.


An accomplished track and road racer, Scherf is heading from her home in San Francisco to Georgia to try obstacle racing on for size and to give Hobie Call a new challenge.  She’s no stranger to competition.  While at the University of Oregon she set a new indoor track school record at 5,000 meters.  In 2009 she made the USA World Cross Country team that finished in 5th place at the World Championships in Amman, Jordan.  She broke the American Junior 10,000m track record with a time of 32:51:20.  That record had held for 26 years and was the second longest-standing women’s track and field record in world, American, collegiate, world junior and American junior records until Scherf came along.

The Spartan race, fiercely challenging and competitive in its own right, appealed to the accomplished runner.  “I am looking forward to coming down and trying this race for the first time.  It looks like quite the challenge! “says Scherf.  “The running and obstacles are things we have always wanted to do but never had a place to do it.  That’s where the Spartan Race comes into play.”  Her strategy for the race is to focus on her core competencies: “The running part is my greatest strength and a lot of the skills come down to having an attack mentality.  So that’s what I like about it.  The event suits my personality and it looked like fun.”

She’s doing this one for all the ladies out there, but she’s also looking forward to facing off against Hobie Call at the starting line.  Hobie is the undefeated Spartan champion chasing down a $100,000 prize.   “He’s a fierce competitor,” observes Scherf, “but I think it takes a few to be the pioneers, to be the ones to set the bar and raise the bar.  Women need to take some of that back.  Women can dominate it, and set the marks, and lay out really solid performances. “

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