by Carrie Adams

Some dramatic images are emerging from the XXX Olympiad being held in London, England.  The incredible athleticism being displayed by men and women worldwide is inspiring and motivating.  Once every four years, we gather collectively and watch some of the most finely tuned athletes on the planet compete in their relative sports on the World stage in the quest for Olympic gold. Unfortunately, Obstacle Racing is not YET one of those sports, but we are hopeful that by 2016 some Spartans will represent on the Rio podium with gold medals earned in our sport of Obstacle Racing.  It’s only a matter of time.

As we’ve been glued to our television screens in the past several days, we have noticed a familiar face in several events…

When Chris Davis missed a few staff meetings we thought very little of it, he’s been spending a lot of time in the mountains, but when we started to see these images emerge, we knew something else was happening.  It appears his training with Joe and Dr. G in Vermont is paying off.  With all he can do, the Ultra Beast should be a walk in the park.  I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising, seeing as obstacle racers are so well-rounded… but it seems there is nothing this guy can’t do!

From gymnastics to swimming, Chris is putting his Spartan training into practice!  Look at that hardware!  Do you see Chris Davis?  Stay tuned… who knows where he’ll pop up next!

About Chris Davis:  Spartan resident staffer Chris Davis moved to Pittsfield to complete his journey of going from 696 lbs to 200 lbs and complete the Ultra Beast.  He’s made incredible strides while in the small Vermont town that is home to Spartan HQ.  He’s lost over 300 pounds so far and we’ve been following his progress in weekly videos and in his own words on our blog.


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