by Loren McLean

3G phones may not be a rare find, but 3G Spartans? Actually, 3G Spartans and a bit, to be precise.

We are the Three-Generation McLean family of Spartans – 1G Loren, 63(me), 2G Eli, 38, 3G Steven, 20 who is gearing up for his initiation to Spartan Racing at Miller Park this fall; and of course the precious ‘bit’ is Baby Cameron, 13 months old, and definitely to be the 4G Spartan.

With ten plus obstacle races under my belt (three Spartan finishes – two Sprints at Laurel, Indiana, and one Super at Marseilles, Illinois), I am staying fit enough to last until the 4th G joins our family team – hey, it’s only another, what, 14 years or so right? So last year, I made a new entry to my Bucket List! I bet no one knows a Great-Grandpa captured the 4th place in the 60+ category at Spartan Sprint in April.

As for the family clan, with his competitive spirit sparkling, Eli the 2G trains like a Spartan, races like a Spartan, and has the heart of a Spartan – he is my inspiration. Truth be told, Eli stuck with me and he was the reason I was able to finish my first Spartan Race last year. Though willingly trading his training gear for baby wipes and diapers for now, I have a feeling that Steven the 3G is secretly prepping to beat the old men with his resilient youth. Hearing all the Spartan talk around him, Baby Cameron patiently awaits his turn. Oh, yes, I can tell from his smirk every now and then. After-all he’s definitely got the pedigree.

So we’re set to take our family legacy to the next level this September at Miller Park. As far as I’m concerned, you’re never too old or too young to live life to the fullest. Yes, WE ARE SPARTANS!

Are you heading to Miller Park? Find an event near you HERE.

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