by Crystal Hughes

Over the four years my boyfriend Marcus and I have been together I went from never running a mile in my life to completing a Spartan Race. He has always been my number one motivator and supporter in everything I do so last year when I told him I wanted to sign up for an OCR (obstacle course race), he agreed. It was a 5k mud run and afterwards we were instantly hooked. I began looking into any and every obstacle race that would be near us and that is when I found Spartan Race. I got chills when I watched the intro video and knew we HAD to do this, this wasn’t any normal run this was SPARTAN RACE! The time leading up to the race I watched every video, read every article and review, and joined the Spartan Chicked page, a community of strong woman who motivate and inspire.

We signed up with Marcus’s sister’s team and the Spartan race seemed to be all we talked about for months, when the weekend finally arrived it felt so surreal. We attended the pre-party where we made some awesome new friends while watching the spear throw. We stood around and talked about technique (I still missed) and about what we were most nervous about, I had no idea Marcus was nervous about something entirely different.

As we walked into the entrance to the Montana Spartan Sprint I knew my life was going to change but I had no idea to what extent. During the race Marcus was there by my side the whole time encouraging me and helping me accomplish every challenge but the biggest obstacle was at the finish line.

While collecting my medal I turn around to see Marcus on one knee. He said how much he loves me, how I am his best friend and a great mother to our son, and he asked me to marry him. After I said yes and he put the ring on my finger it looked so perfect on my mud covered hand and I wouldn’t of wanted it any other way.

He said, “I could have asked you to marry me a different way but this represents us and this is our hobby together.” He kept the ring in a ziplock bag in his shorts pocket, I can’t even imagine how nervous he must have been running through all of the obstacles. I’m so excited for our future together as a Spartan Race couple and can’t wait till our son is old enough to run in his first race. Spartan will always be much more than just a run, it’s a life changing moment for everyone who attends.

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