by Maurya Scanlon

I would like to preface this article by saying that this weekend was my birthday weekend. (shameless plug)  I turned 23 on Friday, June 24th, the official start of the Death Race I’m not sure what that means, but I’ll just go with it.  I received, for my special day, a special gift: a crush. You read correctly, Spartans. I have a crush. In the way that actors form actor crushes on talent (not actually the people who possess that talent), athletes form athlete crushes (I have this on good authority—Carrie Adams. Carrie, if I’m wrong, please omit this paragraph lest I sound ass-like). I am, in fact, an actress so I can pretend to have an athlete crush on her and hopefully it’ll be convincing. Tony-award winning perhaps… but really it’s just a crush-crush.  Her name is Keira Henninger, and I hope to God that she understands my sense of humor.

IMG_0745I had the opportunity to speak with her this past weekend, while the Death Race was destroying knees. See what I did there? Synecdoche. The knees represent the whole person, or racer, if you will.  Moving on.  I am incredibly impressed by people who make it a point to push themselves, to do what most consider super human. So in the spirit of the Death Race, I interviewed Keira.  She may not have run it, but this remarkable woman, athlete and mother still inspires those of us (me) who think they could only dream of accomplishing what she has in her fantastic life.

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