by Maya Glick

I wanted to be prepared for my Spartan Race experience. I had a little bit of a head start with training for this race because I’ve been studying martial arts for the past year, so fortunately I am no stranger to burpees. Adding this training on top of my already hardcore workouts five days a week at the dojo has been blissfully intense. I am still learning the art of running and I’m loving the process of watching my endurance grow a little bit each week. I look forward to receiving the free Spartan Workout of the Day emails every morning, though admittedly I scale them way down to something I can handle as a beginner.

Training for this race is an extension of my cherished martial arts training, which has been a critical part of turning my life around in so many empowering ways. I’ve lost almost 40 pounds and feel like I look better than I ever have just in time for my 40th birthday last year; but more importantly the journey into physical fitness is parallel to my journey out of tragedy and depression and into spiritual well-being. As my body gets stronger and healthier through the hard work I dedicate myself to, my mind and soul are getting stronger and healthier as well. I’ve gone from pitiful to powerful, and I feel like I can’t be stopped by anything but myself.

I’m learning through training for this race that on the battleground and obstacle course we know as life, Nothing is Impossible and Impossible is Nothing.

Next up, Spartan Race Hawaii. Join me?

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